Hi, I’m Julie-Anne and I help women who are struggling with painful patterns in love.

Do you keep attracting the wrong kind of person again and again?  Do you feel like you’re unworthy or not good enough for that dream relationship you wish you had? Are you overwhelmed with the effort required for online dating?  Would you love to meet someone organically but your biological clock is ticking and you’re worried you’ll run out of time?

If so you’ve come to the right place!
I'm here to help.
If you'd like to take the first step and identify the unconscious behaviours which are creating a negative pattern in your love life, complete the Breakthrough to Love Quiz now.

Why do I do this work? Because I’ve been there too.

My relationship history was a disaster. I’d made it to 38 without ever living with a partner. I ping-ponged between relationships that rarely made it past the 6 month mark. I didn’t like online dating but I kept at it because I felt if I gave up I’d be letting go of my dream of having a family. I felt like I had no control over the area of my life that meant the most to me. Why did I keep picking guys that weren't right for me? And why were the relationships always so difficult?

I had to figure out what was going wrong! I took courses, I worked with coaches, I read book after book, and finally it all clicked into place. I put what I learned into practice and within 6 months I attracted the partner I’d always been searching for.  I’d been looking for a ‘spiritual’ guy on spiritual dating sites with no success and one night this cute guy just spilled my drink in a bar. When he told me he was training to be a mindfulness instructor I almost fell over! Once my energy was right I didn’t need to find him, I let him find me..
Fast forward 2 years and we’re living together and couldn’t be happier. The relationship is so different to any I’ve had in the past. It’s beautiful and fun and above all EASY. We’re building a future together that I've always dreamed of and I know he is the man I’ll spend the rest of my life with.

Looking back I can see that without the inner work I did, my relationships never stood a chance. I couldn't see what was sabotaging them so I was powerless to change it.  Now I work with women to help them clear these obstacles and align their energy so they can attract the relationship they've always dreamed of.  Whatever your story, it's possible for you too!

A gift from me to you

Every week I set aside a little bit of free time to help others.  If you're ready to get clear on what's holding you back, click below to claim your 30 min Breakthrough to Love Gift Session. We'll hop online for a 30 minute video call and I'll tell you exactly what's keeping you stuck and what to do about it.

What they say

Julie-Anne is just amazing. It's hard to think of her and not feel excited or inspired. I am currently doing the Happily Ever After Course and it is mind blowing.

I went there to improve my chances of getting a mate, and I am getting so much more, I am 100% happier and things I did not think possible are coming true. I recommend Julie-Anne and the course with my whole heart, just mind blowing. Best money I have ever spent.
The 12 week coaching programme was brilliantly thought out. Julie-Anne had a great understanding of me, my needs, my vision and how to help me turn things around for myself. The practice and weekly worksheets were manageable and really enjoyable.

I now have total clarity over what I want, and have such a strong belief that it is around the corner, it’s starting to feel as though the life I am living is the same as the one I have been manifesting, and day to day I feel extremely positive. #gratitude!
I wasn’t really considering private 1-2-1 coaching. I had taken two courses in group with Julie-Anne before, which were incredibly useful, and I didn’t think private coaching could make that much difference. But after our introductory session, I kept having this thought of wanting to work with her. I took the plunge after a couple of weeks and decided to go for it – one of the best decisions I could make!

There are so many positive things that came out of the sessions, things like manifesting a trip to Asia (incredibly low flight ticket), new friends, a sudden increase in work requests (I’m a freelancer), little daily synchronicities that I love to think about as “daily magic”, to a crazy £5000 (exact amount we’d focused on) out of the blue, to name a few.

All this was great, but I feel like the most positive results were the shift and change of perspective that happened internally. I’ve gained a lot of self-awareness. We reframed situations from that past that had been incredibly painful in my life. And I developed an incredible sense of trust in the future and in my ability to design my life.

Julie-Anne is amazing. She is 100% non-judgmental about your experiences/feelings, she has exceptional empathic abilities and during the sessions she was absolutely ego-less (and that’s not always the case, even when it comes to coaches!) I would recommend the coaching with her to anybody willing to work on themselves and improve their life.
Julie-Anne is a very talented and experienced teacher. She is also one of the loveliest people I have ever met - she is kind, caring, intelligent and fun. She seems to have good intuition and awareness of everyone's individual feelings and needs.

She goes above and beyond her role as a teacher on this course. It's not simply a job for her, you can tell she loves what she does and has a passion for helping people transform their lives for the better.

After only a few sessions I began seeing positive changes in myself and my life. The information and insights that you learn on this course are truly life-changing! I can't thank you enough Julie-Anne.
Julie-Anne's 8 week course on the Law of Attraction has changed my perception on life. Through easy to follow techniques and principles, Julie-Anne taught us how to manifest what you want, raise your energy, transform your mindset and bring more positivity and joy into your life.

During the 8 weeks, I could see the whole group's attitude start to change and by the end, we all felt more positive and capable, we had a better understanding of ourselves, our motivators and our values, and we became much more excited about future possibilities.

Julie-Anne is warm, engaging and passionate about sharing the Law of Attraction with everyone and you just can't help but feel inspired. I'd like to bottle up her energy and carry a bit of her wisdom and positivity with me every day!

What areas does Julie-Anne work in?

Love and relationships

Whether you just can't find the right person and you're sick of going on bad dates, or if your relationships are full of conflict and you find yourself repeating the same patterns over and over, I can help.

You might feel victimised by your circumstances, powerless to change what's going on, or just plain fed up with one frustrating experience after another. There IS an answer!  It DOES make sense.

We'll work together to understand the beliefs and unconscious behaviours creating your current results and clear the energy, so you can attract in the amazing relationship you've been looking for.

Lack of clarity and feeling stuck

Whether you're lacking in direction of which path to take or unclear about what you need to do to move forwards, or you're procrastinating on an important project I can help lift you out of the fog. 

We actually have an inbuilt guidance system that will tell us which way to go, once you learn how to tune into it, things become so much easier.  You already have all the answers inside of you, together we can access them.  If you're not moving forwards there can often be powerful reasons to stay stuck, by getting them out of the way you are free to move forwards into a life that you love!

Overcoming creative blocks

Creativity is not just for the few.  We are all creative beings, and if you are given the impulse and desire to create, you were also given the means to realise it.  Often it can be an unkind remark from a parent or teacher that can lead to a lifetime of creative restriction.  If you've ever been told you can't, or you haven't got what it takes, I'm here to tell you that you can, and that impulse is dying to be heard, otherwise it wouldn't keep returning. 

Jim Carrey watched his dad take the 'sensible' route and work as an accountant for years even though he had a burning desire to be an actor.  Then his dad lost his job and they lost everything.  It made a huge impression on him, and fueled his own rise to stardom.  He says

'I learnt you can fail at something you don't love.  Why not take a chance at something you do?' 

Whether you want to pursue your creativity as a career or simply find the courage to write that book, paint that picture, perform that song or compose that music, please get in touch.  I'd love to help.